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Give Your Tech A Break... With Tech Break

The arrival of COVID-19 and lockdown shortly after, further put into perspective just how much of our lives revolve around technology. And whilst this isn’t necessarily a drawback given it’s the 21st century and things around us are constantly evolving, the effects of excessive screen time are becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

“Adults in the UK spent an average of six hours and 25 minutes on their phones, TVs and laptops each day during lockdown” – OFCOM

“UK children spend 6.5 hours a day on screens” – BBC News

Understandably, it is easier to get lost within technology with apps for entertainment and media on pretty much every device owned by man – phones, tablets, TVS, computers and consoles alike.

Although today’s technology has helped children gain access to their own educational resources online and enabled adults to adapt their every-day lives working from home – time spent on technology gadgets has simultaneously gone through the roof posing detrimental effects to children and young adults alike.

Which is where Tech-Break comes in.

Kick excessive screen-time to the curb and make way for family time with the handy lock-box.

So… ‘Why Tech-Break?’

The answer is simple…

“The younger the child the more negative impact excessive screen use can have. It is mainly because it prevents other important skill development – e.g. social skills, and attachment. Children’s social development at the point of starting school correlates with their GCSE and A level grades years later so it’s important to make sure social and emotional development is prioritised in the early years.

A balanced play diet is as important to children’s social and emotional well-being as a good nutritional diet is to their physical health. Children need plenty of social, active, imaginative, free play and this is not often facilitated through screen-based activities.” – Dr. Amanda Gummer, Child Development Expert and Psychologist.

Long gone are the days of being viewed as the wicked tyrant of your household for constantly telling your children to get off their gadgets… We know how it goes… We’ve all been there…

Just like most things in life, screen-time should also come with moderation. It is important to manage the time spent on gadgets, as staring at a screen for too long won’t benefit any individual in the long-run.  

The compact storage device takes up little space, making it convenient to store inside your home.

And yet the premise remains simple – regain control of your family time the right way, by safely storing away any handheld devices within the Tech-Break lock-box. Paving way for face-to-face communication and interaction.  

Say Goodbye to Screen Addictions. Get your family life back with Tech-Break.