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Tech-Break is a powerful tool specifically designed to help families to sit down together and collectively agree and implement regular screen breaks to reverse the effects of excessive tech use, which is known to impact both physical and mental health.

Tech-Break, with its three unique timer modes, offers a visible, non-negotiable solution empowering family members to agree and stick to, time spent without screens.

Fits Multiple Devices

Perfect for mobile phones, tablets, handheld consoles, gaming controllers and more

Hour Mode

1 Hour to 24 Hours

Bedtime Mode

10 Hours to 24 Hours

24 Hour Mode

1 Day to 14 Days

Select Button

Confirm your timer and the countdown will begin

2.8" LCD Colour Screen

Displays modes and timer

Air Vents

To keep devices safe from overheating

Escape Keypad

Override the system in case of emergencies

Charging Slots

Charge your devices while locked away

Charging Cables

1m Premium USB-C and 1m Premium Lightning cables included

Powered by a two metre USB cable or three AA batteries, it has a sleek, black compact design, designed to blend into the decor of any room in the house. It features two adjustable shelves along with the base offering ample storage for a family’s devices. There are three ports to insert charging cables through the back panel and USB-C and lightning-USB cables are included with the device. The ventilated back panel helps to keep the devices safe from overheating while being charged.

Tech-Break is controlled by simple to navigate buttons and has three user-friendly timer modes allowing you to select a screen free period that works for your family — between one hour and fourteen days.

  • Hour Mode allows users to select single hour increments between one and 24 hours. Designed for device-free mealtimes, homework sessions and educating the youngest family members to take regular short breaks from their devices.
  • Bedtime Mode automatically starts the timer at ten hours, users can then customise single hour increments up to 24 hours. This is the most important part of the day to be free of all family devices, to ensure a good night’s sleep, followed by a stress-free breakfast.
  • 24-Hour Mode allows users to set the timer based on daily increments up to fourteen days.

Once set, the countdown clock displays the remaining time and, when the timer runs out, the door automatically springs open.

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